Series 8 confirmed for 2019!

That’s right! An eighth series of Horrible Histories is set to air on CBBC next year!

Writer Dave Cohen has confirmed the series will air on CBBC and Greg Jenner has also made comment he is working among 12 other historians. No other details, including the cast, have been confirmed but we can guess it will be a full-length series of 15 episodes.

The series is in writing and it could be some time until more information is revealed.


The Russian Revolution was covered in a Viva La Vida parody.

Series 6 and 7 aired episodes each with their own theme, the seventh, which finished airing this year, had good reviews. It is expected series 8 will not be much different, and hopefully the ace HH team will keep alive the magic for their latest series…

The Series 7 Cast.


We would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, we have been dealing with a situation and therefore have not been able to update you on the progress of Series 7, including three ‘top 10’ posts we have missed. We are still dealing with the problem but should be back in the next few weeks.

The ‘top 10’ posts for Series 7 Episodes 2-4 are now published.

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Ridiculous Romantics: Top 10!

It’s getting better and better! Horrible Histories blew us away with the third episode of Series 7, a well-written episode about romantics through history. This included Henry VIII going through each of his six wives on Historical First Dates, with the help of First Dates’ Fred Sirieix and a song about Italian nobleman, Casanova; a parody of LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’. In-between Rattus tried to find love after being left by Ratalie, until he is given the chance to make it up.

From the Sacred Band of the Thebes’ struggles through to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s lack of privacy on their wedding night, here are our top 10 pictures:

Fred Sirieix was a guest-star along with Sanjeev Bhaskar who is appearing all over the series – but through the show’s years, who has been your favourite guest-star?

Next Monday takes a look at Atrocious Artists, including a sketch about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Renaissance Artists who attempt to stop a mugging!

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Exceptional Explorers: Top 10!

The seventh series began it’s weekly run with this second episode, all about the most exceptional explorers and has received good reviews from TV critics, and of course from us! The episode was notable for it’s songs, including a great Wurzels parody, a Frozen parody with a horrible twist, and the main song, a Katy Perry parody all about great female explorers!

We’ve narrowed down all those fantastic songs and sketches into our top 10 favourite pictures:

Other notable sketches included Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to rescue his men, who, rather than freezing to death, were enjoying the South Pole life. In a police line-up we also learnt about different types of Vikings from different parts of Scandinavia before resulting in a fight.

Vote: What was your favourite song from the episode?

Next week’s episode focuses on history’s most ridiculous romantics and sees Henry VIII go on Historical First Dates in search for a wife… or six!

NEW HH 2017: Explorers episode announced!

The BBC Media Centre have just announced that Series 7 will continue on the 24th July with an explorers-themed episode, as well as a little peak at the rest of the Series – have a read:

The first episode of this new series looks at some of the world’s greatest explorers, from the very first conquests of new land to Alan Shepherd venturing into space. We look at murderous Vikings, the seafaring sons of Devon, a man who chisels his way out of an avalanche using only his own poo, and discover that tales of the Cities of Gold might just have been invented by the Mayans to keep the Spanish Explorers busy.

Monstrous Musicians: Top 10!

It was music to our ears to hear that Horrible Histories Series 7 would rock back on the 15th of June, and team blew us away with their cracking cast, wicked writers, fascinating facts and a smashing song; all to help tell us learn a bit about the history of music for BBC Music Day!

For those who are new to this, after each episode we have a quick look back on the episode with a poll, what’s coming next and the top 10 images – and here they are:

Through the episode Rattus attempted to create his own rat band, with his pals Hairy Styles, Justin Sewerpipe, Flusher and Stain Malik! The episode was brilliantly constructed with one of their finest songs. Ryan Sampson was the only new member, doing an excellent job already. The writing was strong and a step up from Series 6. If the rest of the series is like this episode then we’re in for a treat!

So, this was the first episode of Series 7 – what are your thoughts?

The rest of the Series is set for July/the end of summer, with 11 more themed episodes and 3 highlights episodes as usual, so stay tuned for more news!

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For more images and a list of sketches, click below!

Hope you enjoyed H-o-r-r-i-b-l-e  H-i-s-t-o-r-i-e-s!

More news soon…!

NEW HH 2017: Monstrous Musicians music day special confirmed!

We have, finally, confirmation about the new series of Horrible Histories which is starting with a Monstrous Musicians special to join in BBC Music Day celebrations. The BBC are celebrating on the 15th June and the first episode has been confirmed for 5:30pm on CBBC on that day. So, what can we expect?

The synopsis:

From Neanderthal singing to Beethoven’s symphonies, we take a look at some of History’s most prolific musicians and composers, from Franz Liszt to Elvis Presley’s hysterical fans; Mozart’s childish sense of humour; Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph which many didn’t believe, thinking he had hidden musicians somewhere in the room; to Emperor Nero forcing his audiences to sit through his concerts on pain of death!

So, turn up the volume for the seventh series of HH starting soon! The rest of the series will follow in July.


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NEW HH 2017: Episode theme and song revealed!

Series 7 is slowly arriving and should soon be on our screens this Spring or Summer. Recently on Twitter Greg Jenner revealed that one episode would be a medicine-themed episode and it’s song a parody of Beach Boys and is ‘to die for’.

We’re keeping an eye out for any more news on its way about the new Series and we’ll keep you updated!


HH100: Celebrations begin on Twitter!

As you know, this year will see the passing of the shows 100th milestone in the twelfth episode of the new series (7). To celebrate, all year round, we’re going to be taking a look back at some of the shows best bits.

To start off, we’re taking a look at one sketch from each episode and looking at the foul facts and best quotes. This will build up to the 100th episode itself later this year. To show these 100 best bits, we’ll be posting regularly on Twitter and updating a page on our new website. So keep an eye out, follow us on Twitter [@HHTV_] or check out our 100 page on our new website (soon).

The first episodes best bit has already been posted: Keep an eye out for the next 99!

What’s new for the year?

Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome to 2017, and a big year for Horrible Histories! Series 7 is to begin airing in Spring with 15 new episodes, the twelfth of which will be the 100th episode, and right now we are getting ready to celebrate that! We are also working hard on the new website which we hope to complete by the end of the year!

2016 was a slightly quieter year for the show with just three episodes being aired after Series 6 in 2015. However, the show did succeed in winning a BAFTA, as well as performing a sketch live on the BBC to mark 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, and through the Autumn finished filming and producing Series 7.

2017 is an exciting year for Horrible Histories with the second new-style series of the show (Series 7), the 100th episode and our new site being built.

Keep an eye out for more news and of course, Happy New Year!