Historical Grand Designs

Horrible Histories sketches-Historical Grand Designs


Originally, in Series 5, titled ‘Gross Designs’, the show saw some of History’s most gross designs. The named changed in Series 6 with a new presenter, starting with Boudica’s ‘Grand destruction’. The show is a parody of ‘Grand Designs’.


Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 3-Gross Designs, Vlad the ImpalerHistorical Grand Designs: Vlad the Impaler

(Series 5 Episode 3)


Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 3-Gross Designs, Vlad the Impaler1Historical Grand Designs

(Series 5)


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 9-Bolshy Boudica-17-Grand Destructions-Boudica's plan for Colchester4Historical Grand Designs: The Destruction of Colchester

(Series 6 Episode 9)


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 10-Wily Winston Churchill-13-Historical Grand Designs-Churchill's house1Historical Grand Designs: Churchill’s new house

(Series 6 Episode 10)


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 11-Tricky Queen Vicky-24-Historical Grand Designs-The Great Hedge of India4Historical Grand Designs: The Great Hedge of India

(Series 6 Episode 11)



horrible-histories-series-7-the-grisly-great-fire-of-london-59-historical-grand-designs-modern-london-st-pauls-cathedral4Historical Grand Designs: Re-building London, 1666

Wren and Hooke plan to re-build London and design a new cathedral, making the most of the tragedy which Wren sees as brilliant. (Series 7 Specials 3: The Grisly Great Fire of London)



1. Vlad the Impaler—Series 5 Episode 3—Ruthless Rulers sketch

2. Series 5 sketch

3. The destruction of Colchester—Series 6 Episode 9—Ruthless Rulers sketch (Officially Bolshy Boudica sketch)

4. Churchill’s plan for his house—Series 6 Episode 10—Ruthless Rulers sketch (Officially Wily Winston Churchill sketch)

5. The Great Hedge of India—Series 6 Episode 11—Vie Victorians sketch (Officially Tricky Queen Vicky sketch)

6. Re-building London, 1666—Series 7 Specials 3—Slimy Stuarts sketch (Officially The Grisly Great Fire of London sketch)


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