HHTV Investigates


Dominic Duckworth goes undercover to investigate cheats and frauds in history.


1. Cheating in the age of chivalry—Series 3 Episode 4—Nasty Knights sketch

2. Dodgy religious relics—Series 4 Episode 3—Measly Middle Ages sketch

3. Asclepeion doctor-priest—Series 4 Episode 9—Groovy Greeks sketch

4. Charles II’s ability to cure scrofula—Series 5 Episode 4—Slimy Stuarts sketch


-Series 3: 1 sketch

–Series 4: 2 sketches

—Series 5: 1 sketch


-1 Nasty Knights sketch

-1 Measly Middle Ages sketch

-1 Groovy Greeks sketch

-1 Slimy Stuarts sketch


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