Aztec Broadcasting Corporation

The ABC (Aztec Broadcasting Corporation) advertise their very latest products, including Hi-Tec All-in-One Cactus and Chuckle Resin.


Cactus’s could be used for several things to help the Aztecs! The needles were used as needles to mend clothes and the skin could make thread, cloth and dye! The cactus itself was also used to eat in a stew, drink as a wine and made fuel to cook the cactus! Aztecs would dry out cactus slices and use more cactus as a glue to stick the tiles together and mend holes.

Aztecs also used Resin trees, tar and crushed insects to make chewing gum-the only problem was it could turn to glue.


 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-19-Angry Aztecs-Aztec Gardeners' World2Horrible Histories Angry Aztecs Horrible Histories Angry Aztecs


Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-23-Angry Aztecs-Aztec Whodunnit-O 2 Historical Masterchef

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