Ain’t Staying Alive

From 2:45

You won’t be staying alive if you bump into this lot!


To please their Gods, Aztec priests would sacrifice thousands of people each year. They believed in return the Gods would help them and make their crops grow, make them win at war and cure the sick. Through the year priests would pile more and more hearts and heads up; they would sacrifice prisoners at the very top of their temples.


When did the Aztec year start? Answer at the bottom of the page!


Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-24-Angry Aztecs-SONG-Ain't Stayin' Alive1 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-25-Angry Aztecs-SONG-Ain't Stayin' Alive2 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-26-Angry Aztecs-SONG-Ain't Stayin' Alive3 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-27-Angry Aztecs-SONG-Ain't Stayin' Alive4 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-28-Angry Aztecs-SONG-Ain't Stayin' Alive5 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-29-Angry Aztecs-SONG-Ain't Stayin' Alive6

QUIZ QUESTION ANSWER: The Aztec year started in November. They would sacrifice people all year round!

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