Agent Moses

The un-likely Agent Moses had some unlikely disguises up her sleeve!


In 1865 slavery was made legal in America. One slave who escaped and went on to free other slaves was known as ‘Agent Moses’, her real name ‘Harriet Tubman’, and in the American Civil War commanded an armed military range to free over 700 slaves, making her the first woman in American history to lead soldiers into battle. One reason she was so successful was due to the fact she was a women, the least likely person slave-owners would except to lead slaves to freedom. She had some crafty disguises up her sleeve to, including a newspaper, so she would pretend to read it, and if a slave-owner saw her they would think she is just an ordinary literate lady.


True or False? Another thing she carried was a chicken to distract the slave-owners.

See bottom of page for answer.


Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 7-42-Awesome USA- Paul Revere's All-American Toothpaste1 Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 7-39-Awesome USA-HHTV News, Bob Hale's America Report6


Horrible Histories Potty Pioneers Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 3-HH Movie Pitch-Mary Shelley4


QUIZ QUESTION ANSWER: True! Agent Moses would use a chicken to distract slave-owners -they clearly weren’t the smartest!

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