Ridiculous Romantics: Top 10!

It’s getting better and better! Horrible Histories blew us away with the third episode of Series 7, a well-written episode about romantics through history. This included Henry VIII going through each of his six wives on Historical First Dates, with the help of First Dates’ Fred Sirieix and a song about Italian nobleman, Casanova; a parody of LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’. In-between Rattus tried to find love after being left by Ratalie, until he is given the chance to make it up.

From the Sacred Band of the Thebes’ struggles through to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s lack of privacy on their wedding night, here are our top 10 pictures:

Fred Sirieix was a guest-star along with Sanjeev Bhaskar who is appearing all over the series – but through the show’s years, who has been your favourite guest-star?

Next Monday takes a look at Atrocious Artists, including a sketch about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Renaissance Artists who attempt to stop a mugging!

Don’t forget, for a full gallery of images and episode information, you must be on our new site which has all the latest information: http://horriblehistoriestv.wixsite.com/horriblehistoriestv/series-7-episode-3


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