Exceptional Explorers: Top 10!

The seventh series began it’s weekly run with this second episode, all about the most exceptional explorers and has received good reviews from TV critics, and of course from us! The episode was notable for it’s songs, including a great Wurzels parody, a Frozen parody with a horrible twist, and the main song, a Katy Perry parody all about great female explorers!

We’ve narrowed down all those fantastic songs and sketches into our top 10 favourite pictures:

Other notable sketches included Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to rescue his men, who, rather than freezing to death, were enjoying the South Pole life. In a police line-up we also learnt about different types of Vikings from different parts of Scandinavia before resulting in a fight.

Vote: What was your favourite song from the episode?

Next week’s episode focuses on history’s most ridiculous romantics and sees Henry VIII go on Historical First Dates in search for a wife… or six!

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