Monstrous Musicians: Top 10!

It was music to our ears to hear that Horrible Histories Series 7 would rock back on the 15th of June, and team blew us away with their cracking cast, wicked writers, fascinating facts and a smashing song; all to help tell us learn a bit about the history of music for BBC Music Day!

For those who are new to this, after each episode we have a quick look back on the episode with a poll, what’s coming next and the top 10 images – and here they are:

Through the episode Rattus attempted to create his own rat band, with his pals Hairy Styles, Justin Sewerpipe, Flusher and Stain Malik! The episode was brilliantly constructed with one of their finest songs. Ryan Sampson was the only new member, doing an excellent job already. The writing was strong and a step up from Series 6. If the rest of the series is like this episode then we’re in for a treat!

So, this was the first episode of Series 7 – what are your thoughts?

The rest of the Series is set for July/the end of summer, with 11 more themed episodes and 3 highlights episodes as usual, so stay tuned for more news!

Remember, most page updates will be via our new website ( For the very latest news keep an eye on our Twitter account (@HHTV_), where we are also looking back at every episode and building up for the 100th which will be S07E12!

For more images and a list of sketches, click below!

Hope you enjoyed H-o-r-r-i-b-l-e  H-i-s-t-o-r-i-e-s!

More news soon…!

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