HHTV Apprentice needed!

We are looking for an apprentice to help us build our new website on Wix, which will hopefully be complete next year. If you are interested please get in touch with us.

We need help with:

  • Sketch pages with a list of each sketch (so each HHTV Sport sketch on that page) and its description
  • Series 1-5 episodes, listing each sketch with a description
  • Historical eras – a list of each sketch, with a description, for each era.
  • Song lyrics copied from this website to the new one.
  • Spelling checking. There is no spell-check on Wix, so some spelling/grammar may not be accurate.

We would also like:

  • Someone to look out for Series 7 news on the internet.
  • Some professional help to make digital posters/media related to Horrible Histories.
  • Some professional help to get the message across about us once the site is complete.
  • Some professional feedback/comments about the website and how to improve.

If you would like to help with any of that, any work you do would be appreciated.

To become an apprentice please email us: horriblehistoriestv@outlook.com

Please Tweet @HHTV_ or comment any questions you have.

Please remember we are a website that brings the latest Horrible Histories news, not the actual TV show itself.

This is all voluntary, none of this paid.

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