NEW HH 2016: Great Fire of London sketches released!

On Wikipedia some sketches from the upcoming episode, The Grisly Great Fire of London, set to air this Monday at 5PM on CBBC, have been released.

There are no references, so the sketches may not be 100%. Below, listed, are apparently the sketches set to air in Monday’s episode:

  1. The Great Stuart Bake Off (OFFICIAL)
  2. The Mayor is determined to see the whole thing
  3. Samuel Pepys buries his Parmesan Cheese
  4. Princesses and Charles II tease boring work but have big interests in partying/ Charles II And Frances Stewart laugh about boring work and partying
  5. HHTV News: The hustle and life in 1666
  6. HHTV News: James II sets sail for a safe place
  7. Evelyn starts playing games/Two Scientists start playing games
  8. Pirate Pity Enlargement (PPE) James Shirley Fights a pirate (parody of WWE
  9. Robert Hubert makes a watch for the King
  10. Hooke has a surprise for Pepys
  11. Let’s Talk about London
  12. Stuart EastEnders
  13. Isaac Newton and his horrifying experiments
  14. Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
  15. Horrible Publishing: Burke and Hare
  16. The crazy Wren talks with Hooke


  1. “Starting Over Again” parody of “Over Again” by One Direction (OFFICIAL)
  2. “Fire” parody of Flash (Queen song) by Queen (Band)
  3. “Descendants of the Princesses” parody of Descendants Theme

Above 16 sketches are listed, which is similar to the amounts of the other two specials in the series. It is quite likely that all of those sketches are accurate, as many pictures on the episode page support this, although we cannot guarantee anything.

It’s not long until the episode, this Monday at 5PM on CBBC, so we’ll just have to wait and enjoy the episode!

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