Sensational Shakespeare: Top 10!

After each episode of Series 6 we would post the top 10 pictures from the episode with a poll or two, and we shall continue likewise for Series 7.

Series 7 Episode 1 proved a huge success celebrating 400 years since Shakespeare died, with positive reviews from TV critics. The episode was the first of three in Series 7, and saw the opening credits the same as Series 6, however Rattus was back to normal (not in the episode, however). Many new members, Richard Atwill, Richard David-Caine, Thom Tuck, Gemma Whelan, Mel Giedroyc, Daniel Lawrence-Taylor and Natalie Walter joint Tom Stourton, who did an excellent job as the bard, Jessica Ransom, Jalaal Hartley and extras, Dominique Moore and Louise Ford from previous series’. To watch the episode click here!

So, onto the top 10 images from the episode:

Now we want your vote:

Let us know what you thought! More Series 7 coming soon, with storytelling and the Great Fire Of London!

Click here for more information and images about Series 7.

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