NEW HH 2016: Sneak peak at the rest of Series 7!

On Tuesday the first of three episodes in Series 7 aired (Sensational Shakespeare Special, watch here: Series 7 begun with a brand new opening sequence, with a few slides the same as Series 6, and Rattus back as he originally was. Thanks to the opening credits we can now make predications about the other two episodes from Series 7: Storytelling and The Great Fire of London! Below are some of our predictions, which may not be correct!

New sketch: Horrible Publishing

New sketch: H! News: Entertainment Round-up

Let’s Talk About Art

Storytelling Special: Who wrote the first detective novel?

Storytelling Special: Greek Messengers & one other sketch

The Great Fire Of London Special: King Charles II

More sketches: (In order of appearance) Victorians, Pirates, Roman Emperor stabbed, Middle Ages, Stuarts.

Other sketches:

To see the full opening sequence, in order, click here.

Stay tuned for more HH Series 7 news coming soon, alongside more pictures from Episode 1!

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