NEW HH 2016: Shakespeare episode description

Below is a full description for the new Series 7 episode: Sensational Shakespeare:

Horrible Histories is back on CBBC, with a special episode delving in to the life and times of the world’s most famous writer. Tom Stourton stars as the Bard, as we find out about his humble beginnings, his glove-making father and his early life as an actor. How did he climb to become a royal favourite? And what was it like to be in the audience of one of his plays, where fruit was thrown at the stage, it was illegal for women to act, and there were no toilets?

Packed with laughs, facts and quizzes, the show ends with a song featuring every one of his plays. The episode has a special guest appearance from Miles Jupp. Horrible Histories is Lion TV Production for CBBC

We assume that there could be another Historical Restrooms sketch from the description.


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