NEW HH 2016: Here comes Series 7!

Series 7 is underway, and we’ve been searching around to find as much information about it as we possibly could, which apparently has been around for quite a while online!

So, a re-cap of what we do know: Horrible Histories is returning with three new smashing episodes, one of which stars Tom Stourton as ‘Sensational Shakespeare’, starting the new series around the time of the BBC Shakespeare festival. So, what’s new?

Sensational Shakespeare:

A Smashing new sneak peak of one of the three songs was released at the end of January. We still don’t know if the songs are all different, three-parters or two of them are HH Theatre and one is the main song.

We also know:

1. Greg Jenner will star… as a bear! You know the Shakespeare stage direction: “Exit pursued by bear”-he plays the bear!

Horrihble Histories 2016-Sensational Shakespeare-Greg Jenner as a bear1

Greg Jenner also got some fun in a costume. Here he is as ‘a dashing young Tudor gentlemen with a sword but no toothpaste’! Whether he plays more than a bear or not, we don’t know.

Horrihble Histories 2016-Sensational Shakespeare-Greg Jenner2 Horrihble Histories 2016-Sensational Shakespeare-Greg Jenner1

2. We also get a glimpse of another great writer in Sensational Shakespeare: Charles Dickens-in America!

Horrihble Histories 2016-Sensational Shakespeare-Dickens in America Horrihble Histories 2016-Sensational Shakespeare-Charles Dickens1

3. Also, the episode will be out at the end of April 2016.

Series 7

According to the produces, Lion TV, the three new episodes will be known as Series 7. Currently, although it will change over time, the page says “Horrible Histories: Series 7 (in development)“. This therefore explains that it will not be a part of Series 6.

The Cast, yet again, will get a slight change. Jalaal Hartley will continue, as he always has done from the first 5 series’, Tom Stourton of course will continue (he is the man playing Shakespeare!). We haven’t seen any pictures of the Series 6 cast, but that doesn’t mean they won’t star.

There are also some new members to the cast:

Horrihble Histories 2016-Series 7-New faces Tweet1

The other two episodes:

Sensational Shakespeare being one, what are the other two?

Firstly, it is possible that there could be a World War-based episode (about a famous person around the time of WWI/II). In October Jalaal Hartley commented it was a “tense day on . Stourton very possessive over model aircrafts”. This is not confirmed, and could just be fun behind the scenes-the same can be said about the next idea.

Horrihble Histories 2016-Series 7-Tom Stourton and aircrafts1

Putrid Pirates. It is possible that there could be an episode about a famous pirate. Below are the main stars, Stourton and Hartley in costume:

Horrihble Histories 2016-Series 7-Tom Stourton and Jahaal Hartley Pirates1

Another picture of Tom Stourton, filming on his birthday, and no he’s not that old or bald! All the pictures under the heading “The other two episodes:” were all published on Twitter around September/October 2015.

Horrihble Histories 2016-Series 7-Tom Stourton1

Is that all?

Yes and yes.

  1. Firstly, it seems this new Series is going be just three episodes long, however it is more than possible that it will slowly expand. Also, although there was some criticism about the cast for Series 6, the Series has been nominated for and won many awards and been hugely popular. Who knows what plans lay ahead for the future of HH on TV?
  2. Also, yes, that is all the information we have at the moment. To summarize:
  • The new episodes will probably be categorized as a seventh series.
  • Three new episodes, possibly pirates and World War, definitely Shakespeare
  • New faces in the cast along with Stouton and Hartley. That’s all we know about the cast!
  • Greg Jenner plays a bear, and Dickens is played in Shakespeare’s episode.
  • Shakespeare’s episode kicks of at the end of April 2016, we don’t know if the rest of the episodes will follow straight away or not.
  • Finally, we know, as always, Horrible Histories will be gory, strange and absolutely hilarious!


(Not in any particular order)

  1. Shakespeare at end of April:
  2. Pirates idea:
  3. Series 7:
  4. Shakespeare pictures and ideas (Thankyou):
  5. Some great pictures from behind the scenes:

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