NEW HH 2016: three more Savage Specials!

This year there are to be 3 new episodes to air in the style of the sixth series, one of which will be about William Shakespeare.

We do not know if these will be part of the sixth series (as specials or normal episodes*) or if they will kick of a brand new seventh series (which will seem quite short unless added too). We also don’t know what the casting will be, however it is probable that the new cast will be starring based on tweets, but we cannot confirm anything yet and don’t know is Mathew Baynton will play his original character of William Shakespeare.

Greg Jenner tweeted:

I can confirm the Shakespeare episode of #HorribleHistories has a brilliantly catchy song. In fact, it has three

Adrian Bott tweeted:

@greg_jenner Are you also confirming that there is a new series coming along the same lines as the last? 😀

Greg Jenner replied:

@Cavalorn 3 special episodes like the last

The episode should be out in April, and there should be two more to follow. As always we’ll keep you updated, and once on TV decided which series this will classify as.

*Normal episodes being ones based on historical figures, specials being ‘rotten rulers special’ and ‘savage songs special’

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