Site Plans for 2016

As we approach the new year (2016) we have got some plans and ideas for the site in mind:

  1. We plan to gather more episode pictures to use.
  2. We are going to try and finish the sketch pages.
  3. We are going to try and finish the historical era pages.
  4. We would like to add a ‘watch’ page for each sketch so you can just click on the clear link and watch the video without having to read descriptions and info.
  5. We would like to jazz up the homepage and make sure all video links are working.
  6. We would like to start to add on to the video pages themselves with information, pictures and a quiz question.
  7. We would like to try to make more posts.

In summary we would like to improve the website over the course of the entire year (as of February we will have completed our first year). Once we start to do this we can hopefully gain more viewers. For those interested, in our first year (from February 2015) we have had a total of over 46, 000 views and our best month was October with 7,746 views. If you know someone who would like this sort of website, HH fans, school children or teachers then please let them know we are here and are improving over the year.

2015 has been a great year so far, and hopefully 2016 will be even better.

Happy New Year all!

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