Awesome Advent: Day 20

Horrible Histories TV Awesome Advent-Day 20

Awesome Advent Day 20: Nifty Nicholas

Here are some foul facts about St. Nicholas, now known today as Father Christmas or Santa Claus.

  1. Bishop Nicholas died in AD 343 and was buried in Myra, but 800 years later, half of his skeleton was snatched by thieves who wanted his bones to perform miracles.
  2. Tests on his bones show that Bishop Nicholas was just 150cm tall and had a broken nose.
  3. As well as being patron saint of children he is saint of merchants and thieves.
  4. In the Middle Ages, Saint Nicholas was always painted in pictures as a man in green. In his home town, in Turkey, there was a beautiful statue of Saint Nicholas. It was taken down by the mayor in 2005, and replaced with a red plastic Santa Claus for tourists

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