Awesome Advent: Day 4

Horrible Histories TV Awesome Advent-Day 4

Awesome Advent Day 4: Champion Charlemagne

Today in 771, with the death of his brother Carloman, Charlemagne becomes sole ruler of the Frankish Empire. Here are 10 top facts about the champion, Charlemagne:

  1. In 768 Charlemagne (Charles the Great) became King of the Franks, however in 771 he became the sole ruler.
  2. In 772 Charlemagne began the conquest of the Saxons of north Germany.
  3. In 774 Charlemagne conquered Italy.
  4. In 782 Charlemagne executed 4500 Saxon rebels after they have been ‘measured’ by the sword’. Legend  has it that all those taller than a sword got shortened by a head!
  5. In 790 Charlemagne has a year off and does not go on military campaign. It is the only year of peace in his 46-year reign!
  6. In 796 Charlemagne  conquers the Avars, a fierce nomadic people living in what is now Hungary.
  7. In 800 Charlemagne, King of the Franks, is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo in Rome on Christmas Day.
  8. In 801 Charlemagne captures Barcelona from the Spanish Moors (Muslims).
  9. In 804 Charlemagne finally completes the conquest of the Saxons.
  10. Ten years late in 814 Charlemagne finally dies.

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