It’s a wicked world!

Exciting news! We have some more info about the episode now possibly titled “It’s a Wicked World”. Instead of this being the series finale as we thought, this is going to be the second highlights special, showing the most horrible happenings we’ve seen around the globe this series. There’s still a chance there will be a new song dedicated to the episode, but then again they might just show the ‘Empress of India’ song, or another previously-featured song.

Here’s some of the line up cast:

Starring Sarah Hadland as Queen Victoria
Guest Starring Dan Li as Genghis Khan
and Confucius
Sanjeev Bhaskar as Sake Dean Mahomed and Mahatma Ganhi
Sophie Wu as Wu Zetian

More news about this will be coming soon. This therefore means the series finale will be ‘Savage Songs’…

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