‘Orrible Oliver Cromwell: Top 10!

A truly amazing episode with Lawry Lewin doing a great job playing our last of 12 rotten rulers, who will be summed up in the next episode, a highlights special called ‘Rotten Rulers’. So once again, the top 10 episode pictures!

Voting time! Lawry Lewin did a spectacular job as Cromwell, but was he your favourite original actor? VOTE VOTE VOTE!

So, what’s the line up for the rest of the Series>

Click here to see the line up order for Series 6 Episode 13: Rotten Rulers

We assume Episode 14 will be the Savage Songs special, as the title ‘Wicked World’ seems best for a series finale, finishing with Episode 15.

Watch out for more episode news, and check out the Series 6 episode pages to see all the awesome pictures, and soon (not yet!) some of the episode videos! Next week you can vote for who you think deserves the title of ‘History’s Most Horrible’, ‘Best actor’ and ‘Favourite actor’, and the week after vote for you Top 10 pictures from all the top 10 posts on the website!

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