Tricky Queen Vicky: Top 10!

Our last female character was played wonderfully by Sarah Hadland and has taught us a lot! Here our our top 10 pictures from the episode!

That now leaves us with one more rotten ruler: ‘Orrible Oliver Cromwell played by Lawry Lewin-but first, who was your main favourite female actor this series?

After Cromwell, the three specials begin:

We know very little about the specials coming up. Episode 13: Rotten Rulers could either be a highlights sketch, or feature new sketches-all we know is it features all the main actors of the Series. Episode 14: Savage Songs will be like any Savage Songs Specials, but how Rattus will present we do not know! And the series finale, Wicked World, we don’t have a clue about. We think it might highlight the horrible happenings around the world seen in this Series, or the new cast might work together to produce all new sketches. From that we can only assume there will be a grand song to close the Series off.

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