‘Orrible Oliver Cromwell: Coming Soon!

Coming on Monday 3rd August will be the 12th episode in Series 6, with Lawry Lewin playing the last of our 12 rulers-Oliver Cromwell-and what a line up we have!


1. The Cruel Necessities: Song about how Cromwell took over several parliaments, and dealt with Charles I-parody of the Jungle Book song ‘The Bear Necessities’.

2. History’s Craziest Fools-King Charles I: Mr. H is back for the last crazy fool of the series, Charles I. We’ll see how he annoyed his country and parliament, and ended up quite possibly known as the worst King ever to ruler Britain!

3. Word Battles: The writers of the era, William Shakespeare and Milton, go head to head in a similar style to Carroll and Dickens in their Victorian Word Battle from Series 5!

Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War3

4. Chatty Death: Death winds up his last star, and how his ruthless reign in parliament resulted in the English restoration.


1. Battle of the Day: The English Civil War: It’s a big possibility that Geoff and Jamie return once more to teach about England’s only Civil War.

2. Animation: It’s quite possible that Martin Brown has drawn, another sketch for Horrible Histories about the Civil War, and Puritan Soldiers’ strange names!

Cruel Cromwell3

3. Historical: There’s been no hints, but it could be possible that we take a look at Stuart doctors or another Grand Design.

All will be revealed on Monday 3rd August at 5PM on CBBC! After that we have the 13th/15 episode: Rotten Rulers. All the rulers we’ve looked at from the Series will be starring, but whether in a new sketch, or in a highlights special showing some of their best sketches is unknown. After that it will probably the Savage Songs special before the finale: Wicked World-exciting!

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