More news soon…

ViThe website will still be available next week, however there will be a delay to the updating of the ‘Series 6 Episode 11’ page, and the top 10 pictures post from that episode will also be delayed, including any further news. By Sunday 2nd August we will try our best to update the Series 6 news. In the meantime, check out Wikipedia’s Series 6 page and The British Comedy Guide for further episode descriptions and titles, and the CBBC website for a sneak peek of the next song.

Upcoming posts (roughly)

-Monday 3rd August: Tricky Queen Vicky: Top 10!

-Wednesday 5th August: Cruel Cromwell: Top 10!

-Thursday 6th August: Coming Soon: Savage Songs

Upcoming episodes:

-Monday 27th July: Series 6 Episode 11 (Tricky Queen Vicky)

-Monday 3rd August: Series 6 Episode 12 (Cruel Cromwell)

-Episode 13: Savage Songs, Episode 14: Rotten/Ruthless Rulers, Episode 15: Wicked World.


Updated news will continue as normal on Sunday 2nd August 2015. Enjoy Tricky Queen Vicky’s episode, and we apologies for the delay of the episode pictures. You can view pics from all the other episode in Series 6 on their episode pages, and our favourite 10 of those in all the ‘Top 10″ posts. Sorry for any disruption caused.

-The HH News team

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak for Cruel Cromwell’s episode (not definite title).

Cruel Cromwell3 Cruel Cromwell2 Cruel Cromwell1 Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War3 Cromwell

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