Wily Winston Churchill: Top 10!

Jim Horrick returned to play the great British hero, Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, where the team taught us a lot more about him (such as his middle names). The Great Historical Bake Off returned with the newly-styled Historical Grand Designs, and we learnt about some 20th Century leaders, and there strange places to go to the loo-still better than the WWII toilets which were used by a modern day business man! Top 10 pictures? All ready!

The new song, “Churchill’s Way” parody of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra proved popular-but was it your favourite? Vote, Vote, Vote!

Tricky Queen Vicky next-check out the “Empress of India” song on the CBBC website! Then after that, our last ruthless ruler of the Series: Cruel Cromwell! But the gore doesn’t stop there, with a songs, rulers and ‘wicked world’ special on their way, finishing the series on the 30th August!

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