Series 6: Final Five

The final five episode orders have been released! After Boudicca on Monday, Episode 10 will take a look at Churchill and Ghandi in “Wily Winston Churchill”

“This episode follows Winston Churchill from a young soldier in India during the time of Queen Victoria, through the First World War, to victory in World War II, and finally to his retirement in the Swinging Sixties. Meanwhile across the world, meet the American soldier literally spreading propaganda around the battlefields, and learn about Gandhi’s more eccentric side”. This episode will include ‘Diary of a Winston Kid’ sketch, and see Americans dropping toilet roll with Hitler’s face on them over France and Italy!

The other two episode titles have not been announced yet, but we know Cromwell and Queen Victoria will be next (in that order) with Lawry Lewin and Sarah Hadland. After which, Episode 13 will be the Savage Songs special, Episode 14 will be the Rotten/Ruthless Rulers special, and lastly the series finale: Wicked World!

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