Gorgeous George III: Top 10!

And that was Simon Farnaby back again, ladies and gentlemen, playing a hilarious role of the eccentric King, George III-and what a hilarious episode that was! So hilarious and great, it was hard to choose just 10 top pictures!

Funny! But was it the funniest? Our top 3 (so far) voted-funniest episodes go head to head! Please vote-it’ll take less than 10 seconds! Just click on which episodes you find the funniest and click ‘VOTE’ at the bottom-no forms required!

Coming up next: Cut-Throat Celt warrior and Queen-Bolshy Boudicca! See Lorna Watson star and sing ‘Wreck Them All’ as a parody of ‘Wrecking Ball’, and we’re of to the Historical Clinic again to see a Celtic doctor. Meanwhile, across the world, famous emperors Caligula and Nero, dish out their own unique brand of Imperial nastiness! All next Monday on CBBC!

Finally, more savage secrets: Learn some facts about Churchill: He learned how to lay bricks to help build his house, he often planned his famous speeches while in the bath and he performed an impression of a gorilla! If this comes up as a quiz Question, you now know the answer-all three! Also in that episode, we view his early life in ‘Diary of a Winston Kid’ and we see Americans during the war print a picture of Hitler on 300, 000 toilet rolls and airdrop them over France and Italy! (Source: HH Magazine). In Cruel Cromwell’s episode, there might be an animated sketch about the Civil War, and Chopped Charles I will appear on Histories Craziest Fools. Plus, in Vile Victoria’s sketch she will be singing a Bollywood song about her reign over India! And in one of those episodes Sanjeev Bhaskar will play Ghandi in a “hilarious cameo” (educational sketch).

And on that note, stick around or even MORE Series 6 news soon, and please recommend this to your friends, as not many people know about this website, although it has more TV secrets and news about HH Series 6 than others, despite the fact some pages are still under construction. Also, please take a look at all our polls and vote-we would love to know what you lot think!

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