The King, the Queen and the Protector

The King: It’s been announced that after Cleopatra’s episode tomorrow, Simon Farnaby will take the stage in ‘Gorgeous George III’ (Wonder what he’ll feel like talking to Death, as played by himself!).

The Queen: Queen Victoria will be singing an all new Bollywood song about her rule over India! That’s also when Sanjeev Bhaskar will star in a hilarious cameo as Ghandi.

And finally, the protector: Oliver Cromwell. During cruel Crowell’s episode (not definite title), Mr. H will look at Chopped Charles I, and how he came to be so unpopular. It also looks like there will be some animation (Martin Brown?) of the English Civil War-exciting!

BELOW: Brand New Cruel Cromwell pictures, The English Civil War.

Cruel Cromwell1 Cruel Cromwell2 Cruel Cromwell3


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