Horrid Henry VIII: Top 10!

Rowan Atkinson and the HH team have produced another marvellous episode again! We learnt more about Horrid Henry VIII, and saw another crazy fool, who would’ve made a perfect star in a ‘Stupid Deaths’ sketch.

So, the top 10 pictures from that episode? Here they are!

So, Rowan Atkinson did an amazing job- but was he better than Ben Willbond? Please vote and let us know!

If you want more pictures, check out the ‘Series 6 Episode 6 page. In the meantime, check out Crafty Cleopatra’s song on the CBBC website, as Kathryn Drysdale will star as the fierce pharaoh herself next Monday on CBBC at 5PM.

Cleopatra Cleopatra

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