Mardy Mary Queen of Scots: Coming Soon!

Next Monday, the 8th of June, the fourth episode in the new series will air at 5Pm on CBBC, as Jessica Ransom plays Mary Queen of Scots. “We follow the young Mary as she stumbles from young girl in Scotland, to Queen in France, back to Queen in Scotland, and finally to Elizabeth I’s public enemy no. 1 – with a bit of Queenian Rhapsody thrown in for good measure! Meanwhile across the world we meet silver-nosed Danish scientist Tycho Brahe, and Mr H gives us his unique take on the epic Battle of Lepanto in another History’s Craziest Fools”.

If you want to see Mary’s new song, head over to the CBBC website:

And if you want to see William’s ‘Norman Style’ song, head over to YouTube:

So make sure you watch Series 6 Episode 4 at 5PM next Monday on CBBC!

Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots

2 thoughts on “Mardy Mary Queen of Scots: Coming Soon!

    • Sorry for the late reply! Firstly, can you not watch these videos on the website, iPlayer, or YouTube? If you can’t watch them on one of those it could be due to copyrighting laws, where you can only watch certain videos in certain countries. I’ll try to help, but you’ll need to be more specific about what and where these videos won’t show/play.

      -The HHTV News Team

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